Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Marge Hulburt shamanic drumming

Dear Friends,

Last summer, after ten years of shamanic practice, teaching, writing, and exploration, I began to offer an Apprenticeship Program in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. This Fall, I am opening the program to up to 10 new students who have a compelling interest in shamanism and are willing to commit five months to an exploration of this path.

We are in a time when the world needs people – as many people as possible – to intentionally practice living with compassion, joy, purpose, and harmony with Mother Earth who sustains us. Fear is contagious, and healing is contagious, too. The ancient art of
shamanism and shamanic healing offers us, even today, powerful tools to heal ourselves, discover and live our life purpose, and help others find lives of joy and peace.

The Apprenticeship Program has two components:
1. Group training in a private community of 6-10 people.
2. Individual sessions with me, on an optional basis.

This is a foundational program in shamanic methods and philosophy. My goal is to train
participants in safe, powerful, and ethical shamanic practice for themselves and on behalf of others.

Some of the topics and practices I intend to include are:
• Understanding the shamanic worldview.
• Effective journeying technique.
• Retrieving and working with power animals, teachers, and helping spirits.
• Permissions and protection for yourself and those you work with.
• Shamanic ritual and personal practice.
• Spiritual intrusions and hands-on healing.
• Working with clients in ordinary and nonordinary reality.
• Shamanic initiation.

Shamanic learning is an organic and on-going process for each of us. This phase of training is intended to develop in each participant a strong and spirit-guided foundation for deeper work in advanced shamanic method. It is suitable for those who wish to develop a powerful spiritual practice for themselves as well as those who wish to effectively help others through shamanic healing, teaching, or the addition of shamanic methods to an existing complementary practice.

The program will begin in October and continue through February 2014. It will include five 3-hour group training sessions, required homework, optional personal work with me, and initiatory activities. The group is limited to 10 participants. All sessions will be held in Missoula, Montana.

If this program is of interest to you, please return the Shamanic Apprenticeship Program application/registration form with your payment by Sept. 30th or contact me for more information. I welcome the opportunity to work with those who are interested in pursuing a shamanic way of being and developing a deep healing presence in the world.

Blessings and Namaste!

If a man is sick I turn into a bear, the Great Bear of the First Creation
My fur is all white but no polar bear, I’m the Bear of the First Creation
I lick my paws all over, seize hold of that man, squeeze him tight wherever it hurts him
Then I blow all over his body with my healing breath, the Spirit Breath of the First Creation

Chukchee Shaman

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