Summer Self-Healing Exploration – A “summer camp” for adults!

Join me this summer in a weekly exploration of self-healing options and techniques to address physical illness and conditions in ourselves. Our world is changing, and I believe, so is the nature of physical illness we will be facing in the future. I also believe our bodies are highly adaptable and there is much we can learn from them once we learn how to listen.


  • Every cell in our body contains receptors in the cell membrane which test for toxicity/nontoxicity in the surrounding cellular environment. In response, the cell will enter “survival” mode or “growth” mode. We have the ability to intentionally affect these reactions on the cellular level. 
  • The mainstay of our immune system are the billions of bacteria which live symbiotically with us in our gut. Our bodies, in fact,  contain more bacterial cells than human cells, and there is no reason to believe that these bacteria are any less mutable than those that cause disease and develop resistance to our manufactured antibiotics. There are innumerable ways in which we can potentially understand and support our symbiotic friends.
  • As our world changes, so does the nature of our food supply. As we listen closely, I believe our bodies can tell us what is needed in terms of new foods, supplements, and natural medicines to help support our health now and in the future.
  • I believe our health and well-being are impacted by energies and forces of which we are largely unaware. For example, our current technology emits a level of electromagnetic radiation that entirely drowns out the tiny natural emissions which were present and available to us over thousands of years of human evolution. As one researcher put it, we no longer have any idea of what is “normal” in relation to this energy. What does this mean in terms of present and future adaptations to a shifting planetary balance and universe?
  • We are standing on a new frontier of scientific thought and human awareness, both of which can be enlisted by each of us personally to help improve our own health and lives and to protect us from new kinds of challenges to our well-being.

I have spent the last two years experimenting with some of these ideas, playing, and learning through my own self-healing adventure. Nearly 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease – autoimmune hypothyroidism – and told I would have to take thyroid hormone supplementation for the rest of my life. That was the state of our knowledge so many years ago. Two years ago, my spirit teacher and my body told me there was something better. I weaned myself off the hormone supplement and began the experiment of finding my own healing.

Now it is time for me to begin sharing what I have found. This class will offer no medical diagnosis, recommendation, or cure for any condition. There will be no definitive answers. What will be offered is my personal experience with self-healing using a blend of elements from many different beliefs and modalities. Rather than a “recipe” for health, it will be an exploration of knowledge and process. My intention is to offer you an opportunity to explore and begin to develop your own process for listening and finding your own healing. By the end of the class, you will perhaps see the nature of illness and  health in a slightly different way and have a basis for moving forward in your self-healing with renewed hope and resilience.

This class will be informed largely by my background and practice in shamanism, but no shamanic knowledge or experience is required. All spiritual and scientific beliefs are welcome, as it is my belief that all inner paths ultimately lead to the same place.

In honor of summer, each class session will be intentional and experiential, but offered in a relaxed, casual environment. The course is flexibly priced and the sessions designed in recognition that most participants will likely miss one or more class meetings due to vacations and other summer activities.

This summer, give yourself the treat of a “summer camp for adults” interested in sharing and exploring the frontiers of physical self-healing.

The details:

  • The class will meet on most – but not all – Wednesday mornings, 9:00-10:30 am, beginning June 17th and continuing through August.
  • Class location is in Orchard Homes Offices, 2601 S. 3rd W., Missoula, MT
  • On-site class size is limited to ten participants.
  • You may register for individual class sessions, as space is available, for $20 per session.
  • You may reserve your space for the entire summer for a one-time fee of $100, which includes “White Papers” for all sessions whether you were able to attend or not.
  • A White Paper will be produced immediately following each session, including the  presentation, details of the practices offered, and ideas and take-aways from the class. This will be delivered electronically to all participants in the single session or registered for the entire program.
  • If you live outside of Missoula or are unable to attend the program in person, but would like to be part of the exploration, you may “audit” the class by registering to receive all of the White Papers as they come out over the summer, to be read and absorbed at your leisure. The fee for White Papers only is $50.
  • To register, visit the Workshops and Events page on

Be Well!

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