Summer Opening of Shamanic Self-Healing Exploration

peaceful lake sceneThe world is awakening to the interactions of mind and body in physical health and healing. More and more of us are exploring alternative healing modalities, energy healing, transforming thoughts and beliefs, and a return to organic food and herbal medicine. Some of us are also exploring spiritual practices which date back tens of thousands of years and add a rich spiritual dimension to mind/body/SPIRIT healing.

Over the next ten weeks or so, I will be sharing my explorations in shamanic self-healing of physical illness. I will be offering tidbits in my blog and newsletter which I think might be helpful or inspiring to you. I will also be answering my call for writing and teaching by 1) offering classes each week here in Missoula for folks who are interested in joining any or all of my exploration topics and 2) offering weekly white papers on each exploration for those who are interested in following the topics but are unable to attend the classes in person.

The first exploration kicks off tomorrow with the topic:

Exploration #1: A Time for New Medicine (June 17)

Our changing health challenges, the surprising adaptability of our healing processes, and my own story of weaning myself off of 15 years of medication for autoimmune hypothyroidism and the adventure that ensued.

Other explorations will include: 

Exploration #2: Body Awareness – a spirit-based approach (June 24)

Exploration #3: Soul Connection – healing our soul to heal illness (July 1)

Exploration #4: The Ultimate Challenge – trusting spirit-guided choices (July 8)

Exploration #5: Activating Body Systems – empowering our resources

Exploration #6: The Trauma Cocoon – healing trauma to heal illness

Exploration #7: Humans as Social Creatures – a look at deeper healing

Exploration #8: Symbiosis – the spirit of the land

Exploration #9: Adaptability – the larger pattern of ourselves

Exploration #10: Empowering Illness and Health – inspired choice

For more details on each topic, how to receive white papers, and how to join in Missoula classes, please click here – Shamanic Self-Healing Details. You may join at any time throughout the summer. After Labor Day, I will be on to something else.

I am excited to be offering these explorations, partly because of the richness of this work and partly because my healing process may inspire yours, but mostly because I have chosen to have fun this summer walking my authentic path and this is it. If this resonates with you as well, I look forward to sharing what I have.

In joy, be well!

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