Trans-Generational Healing Class

campfireHealing Trans-Generational Trauma5-week class beginning Nov. 7th, 5:30-8:30 pm
Missoula, MT

At a time when the veil is thin, this class connects us with our ancestors and the healing of trans-generational wounds. Sometimes when we are stuck in our lives and can’t move forward, no matter how much clearing or personal healing we do, it may be that we are carrying energetic burdens from our ancestral past. These blockages have nothing to do with us, but are the result of unhealed wounds which have been passed down through family lines for us to shoulder. In this class, we look at ways to break the energetic connection with the wound, connect with our Guardian Ancestor and others, and bring peace to our ancestral line – past, present, and future. This, in turn, helps bring peace and connection into the world.

Often our ancestral trauma becomes entangled with wounds from our personal past and attachments we are picking up in our present lives. The class includes a process for sorting out these often confusing threads and the healing needed for each. These practices help bring clarity to what we can say ‘yes’ to and what we can say ‘no’ to in our lives with grace and move us forward in our life purpose.

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