swirls of smoke in a moving spiral patternTo my mind, the most beautiful thing in the world is patterns. They are restful, mesmerizing, they leave me awe-struck, and draw me in to the vastness and simplicity of the universe.

Patterns are comfortable and comforting. At their heart, they are simple and predictable. We can relax into their rhythm with full abandon and let them align us to ourselves.

Patterns draw us into awe Continue reading

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The Great White Paper Experiment

Black and white photo of a young woman peering around a streetlampIn this age of teleclasses, webinars, and virtual workshop experiences of all sorts, one could say I am going retro.

For several years now, I have been wanting to offer my in-person workshops and one-on-one sessions to interested folks who live far away or are unable to attend in person. I am not alone in this desire, and I have watched as virtual interaction has become a burgeoning new field in teaching and learning. There is something in me, though, that is stopped not just by the technology or its learning curve, but perhaps by its remaining lack of seamlessness in communication. I am a highly single-focused person, and my work shines when it is just me, the person or group I am working with, and the sacredness of the space we are in.

I have been holding a belief that long-distance learning has to include live audio or video Continue reading

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Summer Opening of Shamanic Self-Healing Exploration

peaceful lake sceneThe world is awakening to the interactions of mind and body in physical health and healing. More and more of us are exploring alternative healing modalities, energy healing, transforming thoughts and beliefs, and a return to organic food and herbal medicine. Some of us are also exploring spiritual practices which date back tens of thousands of years and add a rich spiritual dimension to mind/body/SPIRIT healing.

Over the next ten weeks or so, I will be sharing my explorations in shamanic self-healing of physical illness. I will be offering tidbits in my blog and newsletter which I think might be helpful or inspiring to you. I will also be answering my call for writing and teaching by 1) offering classes each week here in Missoula for folks who are interested in joining any or all of my exploration topics and 2) offering weekly white papers on each exploration for those who are interested in following the topics but are unable to attend the classes in person.

The first exploration kicks off tomorrow with the topic:

Exploration #1: A Time for New Medicine (June 17)

Our changing health challenges, the surprising adaptability of our healing processes, and my own story of weaning myself off of 15 years of medication for autoimmune hypothyroidism and the adventure that ensued.

Other explorations will include:  Continue reading

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Summer Self-Healing Exploration – A “summer camp” for adults!

Join me this summer in a weekly exploration of self-healing options and techniques to address physical illness and conditions in ourselves. Our world is changing, and I believe, so is the nature of physical illness we will be facing in the future. I also believe our bodies are highly adaptable and there is much we can learn from them once we learn how to listen.


  • Every cell in our body contains receptors in the cell membrane which test for toxicity/nontoxicity in the surrounding cellular environment. In response, the cell will enter “survival” mode or “growth” mode. We have the ability to intentionally affect these reactions on the cellular level.  Continue reading
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Shamanism as a Sustaining Path

The moonFor more than a dozen years, I have been searching, as a writer, for the words to adequately express what shamanism has given me. When I am asked what shamanism is, I find myself saying, “Well, it can be many things. It can be a spiritual path, a healing modality, a source of personal strength or wisdom, a tool for personal growth, or a way of becoming a healing presence in the world.” It has touched me in all these ways and more.

I think now it is most accurate to say that shamanism is a “sustaining” path, when we will let it be one. It anchors us, not only in the Earth and Life, but in the vast solidity of the Universe. Continue reading

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The Spirit Canoe Healing Journey

A boy with puppy in a kayak

One of the practices most common to shamanism around the world is the Shamanic Journey to ask for wisdom or healing. This journey may take many different forms.

In a number of cultures worldwide, the shaman uses a spirit boat or canoe of some sort to transport their spirit through the Lower World. In Siberia, the boat takes the form of a raft, in aboriginal Australia it is a “serpent canoe,” and among the Conibo of South America, it is a river steamboat. In North America, Continue reading

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