The Shamanic Journey of Mind and Spirit

Marge Hulburt HikingOne of the gifts of shamanism is that it gives us a direct path, without intermediaries, to communicate with compassionate healing spirits. These spirits help us out of their love for us and offer wisdom and healing power for our lives. A common practice for taking a request to the healing spirits is called the shamanic journey.

When I first began to journey, I was given a wonderful gift. Knowing nothing of shamanism, I was shown, spontaneously, how to travel to the spirit world in the shamanic way. In the first two weeks of my adventuring, I received a profound healing, was given wise words of power and encouragement, and was initiated by the spirits into their world and way of being.

And then it occurred to me… What if this was all in my mind? What if I were making all this up? Continue reading

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Being a Healing Presence

Yellow flowerWe are all healers. Each of us has the capacity to reach out to another human being, to an animal or plant, or the Earth itself, and offer help where it is needed. It is in our nature as thinking, feeling, human beings to extend ourselves to others when we can.

I first learned this from my fifth-grade teacher when she assigned our class one of the standard essay questions, “What I want to be when I grow up.” Then she very sternly said, “And don’t write, ‘I want to help people.’ Everyone wants to help people,” she said. “Write how you want to help people when you grow up.” Continue reading

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Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Marge Hulburt shamanic drumming

Dear Friends,

Last summer, after ten years of shamanic practice, teaching, writing, and exploration, I began to offer an Apprenticeship Program in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. This Fall, I am opening the program to up to 10 new students who have a compelling interest in shamanism and are willing to commit five months to an exploration of this path.

We are in a time when the world needs people – as many people as possible – to intentionally practice living with compassion, joy, purpose, and harmony with Mother Earth who sustains us. Fear is contagious, and healing is contagious, too. The ancient art of
shamanism and shamanic healing offers us, even today, powerful tools Continue reading

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Shamanic Life Radio Interview

Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by John Carosella on Shamanic Life Radio. I share some of my shamanic experiences and talk a bit about Finding Eagle and the life-work I am doing now. If this peaks your curiosity, or you would just like to hear my  voice, you can listen in below (my part begins at minute 20:10). Happy Listening!  -Marge


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Daily Practice

Closeup of a pine cone against green needlesSeveral people have asked me recently how often I journey or if I have a daily practice for staying in connection with the spirits.

Working with the spirits is kind of like riding a bicycle. They are always with us whether or not we feel their presence in any particular moment. It is unnecessary to “invoke” them every day, just as it is unnecessary to have a routine for pedaling our bicycle each time we get on. We just get on and go. In fact, if we focus too much on our pedaling, we will miss the view along the way.  Continue reading

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