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I offer a range of services to assist you on your healing or spiritual path.

 Teaching & Healing Sessions

For those seeking healing or wisdom from the compassionate spirits for physical or emotional conditions, personal spiritual connection, problem-solving, creativity, or life path. I offer a variety of practices, depending on the need and request. Some are listed below. Each session is compassionate, intentional, and respectful of your of energy, level of comfort, and permission.

Soul  retrieval

When we experience any kind of trauma, a part of our soul may flee in order to protect itself. We can even lose little bits of our soul just from the cumulative stress of living over time. Soul retrieval is a ceremony in which essences of your soul that are ready to come back are found and gently returned to you. Often, this results in an increased sense of wholeness and well-being.

Extraction healing

Shamanic practices heal the spiritual aspect of disease or imbalance in our bodies and minds. Extraction healing removes spiritual intrusions, energies, or blockages from your body. These intrusions are neither bad nor good, but they do not belong with you. Extraction healing can improve physical or emotional well-being and works well in conjunction with mainstream or alternative healing modalities.

Power animal retrieval

A power animal is a personal helping spirit which appears in the form of an animal. Power animal retrieval is a ceremony in which your power animal is found and reconnected with you. Often, this leads to increased personal power, support, and joy in life.

Releasing attachments

Sometimes we can become stuck or held back from living our fullest life because of spiritual or energetic attachments. These can be with people, places, things, events, beliefs, or even illness. The compassionate, healing spirits can release the negative aspects of these attachments and free you to move forward in harmony with the relationship and with your own soul.

Transgenerational healing

Sometimes we get stuck in a place where we cannot move forward, no matter how much work we do on ourselves. Often this is due to family patterns or wounding which occurred in previous generations and remains unhealed. The energy of these wounds can be handed down to us, leaving us with an energetic burden to carry which is not ours. When this burden is lifted, we are free to live our own lives and create our life story in a way that is authentic to us.

Shamanic learning

Each of us has the ability to meet and interact directly with our helping spirits. I offer instruction and guidance for those who wish to learn shamanic practices for their own spiritual path or to work on behalf of others. You will learn how to work with the shamanic journey, interact directly with your ancestors, guides, and inner self for wisdom, creativity, and healing, and use a variety of shamanic healing practices. One-on-one programs are tailored to your individual interests, time commitment, and requests.


Spirit horseAnimal Healing

I offer shamanic journeys and healing for animals, as well as humans. The majority of my work is with horses and dogs. All of this work is done remotely, as I have found this to be most effective, and uses the same practices as for human clients.

Appointments & Fees 

Please allow 1 to 1-1/2 hours per session.
Fees: I now offer a sliding fee scale for in-person sessions. Choose $25, $45, $80, or $120 per session according to your resources and benefit from this work.
Payment is due at the time of the session. I accept cash, checks, or credit card.
Pre-paid 5-session packages are available for $300 – to begin, contact me by email or simply use the online scheduler to set the first appointment and leave me a note.

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