Creating a safe and loving space in which to heal

If you are new to shamanism, it is an age-old way of connecting with the spirit in all things:

  • nature
  • ancestors
  • seasons & cycles
  • choices
  • health & well-being
  • ourselves
  • our spirituality

In today’s world, it remains a useful practice for addressing spirituality, health, and life decisions of all kinds.

Shamanism can help you reconnect with your power and your soul and disconnect from unwanted attachments. It can help you see where you are stuck in life and how to move forward. It can help change your relationship with people, problems, or even illness, and bring profound healing where it is needed and welcomed.

My favorite definition of shamanism comes from my friend Steve Geske:

Shamanism is the use of an altered state of consciousness to bring a healing request into the realm of the spirits. The healing spirits offer their wisdom and gifts of power out of love and compassion for us.

Taking our request to the spirits can release us from our “monkey mind” and remind us of a larger, more compassionate, and loving reality in which we can choose to live.

I use rhythmic drumming and “core shamanic” practices to help you open your awareness to the spirits and begin your healing journey.

I offer my services to those who are interested and open to learning about shamanism and working with compassionate, healing spirits for their own healing or on behalf of others.