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  • Shamanic Divination

    Shamanic Divination

    Are you stuck on a problem, in a rut, or need a more creative insight to a life challenge? This is a good time for shamanic divination. Creativity is all about leaving structure, assumptions, and expectations behind and allowing ourselves the freedom to see patterns in a new way. This is what divination is all…

  • The Spirit Canoe Healing Journey

    The Spirit Canoe Healing Journey

    One of the practices most common to shamanism around the world is the Shamanic Journey to ask for wisdom or healing. This journey may take many different forms. In a number of cultures worldwide, the shaman uses a spirit boat or canoe of some sort to transport their spirit through the Lower World. In Siberia,…

  • The Shamanic Journey of Mind and Spirit

    The Shamanic Journey of Mind and Spirit

    One of the gifts of shamanism is that it gives us a direct path, without intermediaries, to communicate with compassionate healing spirits. These spirits help us out of their love for us and offer wisdom and healing power for our lives. A common practice for taking a request to the healing spirits is called the…