In my shamanic work, I call in the spirits, assist them in their healing and teaching of others, and give the best of myself that I can to my clients and students. Here are what others have wanted to say about their experiences with this work. It is easy for them to focus on me, but I am just the doorway for the healing and wisdom of the spirits to come through and a guide to help people work with what they have been given.

Over the last year my life has been transformed with these tools to communicate deeply with the world unseen.
– Lynsey Bourke, Missoula, MT

I am so blessed that I have found shamanism and a teacher like Marge. For the first time in my life I can manage my anxiety, which had become so debilitating and caused my life chaos. I’ve gone to therapists and even have a B.A in psychology, but nothing was working. Once I found shamanism I found that I had a toolbox. Not just one thing that I can use, but I have spirit guides, journeys, healing extractions, power animal retrievals, and I can’t wait to learn and add more to that toolbox. Shamanism awoke something in me that I hope I never lose, and I feel healed in a way that I never thought was possible. I am whole and I am new.
– Brandy L.

Marge helped guide me thru a major life change. Her guidance comes from a place of true generosity, authenticity, and groundedness. Her desire to help others as well as her knowledge and experience make her a wonderful teacher.
– Susan Bass

I have learned from Marge, who is knowledgeable, professional, and warm. She has helped me identify an area of concern in my life and given me a graphic visual to work through this concern, with a smile. Marge is a person who uses her “journey” to enlighten and teach.
– Ruth Popek, Real Estate Agent, Maryland

Marge is a gifted shaman who has journeyed on my behalf several times.  I can highly recommend her as a shaman of the highest order.
– Kathryn Streletzky, AnimaRising

The results of the CT came back and the tumor has shrunk! It is the first time in two years and only the second time since I was diagnosed 4 years ago that a tumor has gotten smaller. 
– L.V., Montana

I met Marge by accident, when I was looking for a place to play my drum. After I met her, I kept coming back. Marge is unassuming, gentle, and respectful. She created a safe environment for personal consultations and for classes. Marge’s objective was to be helpful as needed. Beyond that, she encouraged me to be as independent as I could. She was so helpful when I was dealing with behavior problems of my severely handicapped child. 
– J.A., Baltimore, MD

In Spirit Spirit: Shaman Songs by David Cloutier, Hiwuna, an eskimo shaman, tells of a message from her helping spirit. The spirit tells her:

let them see you
they will feel me