I offer various classes and events from time to time.

Find them listed here.

Journey into Shamanism: 2-day weekend workshop, meets 9:00-4:00 Saturday and Sunday, dates and cost tba.

If you are interested in this workshop, send me an email at mhulburt@gmail.com, and I will add you to my pre-registration list. I will let you know as soon as it opens for registration, and details will be posted here, as well.

This experiential workshop includes an introduction to shamanism and shamanic healing in the Core Shamanic way. You will:

  • Learn and practice several forms of the shamanic journey to request wisdom and healing from compassionate healing spirits
  • Meet your power animal and learn how to retrieve power animals for others
  • Journey to find your spirit teacher
  • Practice shamanic divination
  • Learn principles of safe, ethical, and effective practice of shamanic healing for others
  • Explore additional shamanic healing practices as time permits

Shamanic Journey Practice: Generally offered as 8 weekly sessions, 2 hours each

This is a great opportunity to practice your shamanic journey skills in a group of like-minded people. Instruction and feedback are given as requested, and you are welcome to share your journey experience if you wish.

Shamanic Exploration of Self-Healing for Physical Illness: An 8-week class, 2 hours/week

This class is an exploration of several aspects of physical illness, based in scientific knowledge, interfaced with ancient spiritual methods of addressing illness and imbalance in the body. Each week includes a shamanic practice to help improve physical well-being and/or to support Western medical therapies for hard-to-heal conditions.

Trans-generational Healing: Offered as five 3-hour sessions, generally 2-3 weeks apart.

Healing trans-generational wounds is based in the understanding that any personal wounding unhealed during a person’s lifetime will pass its energy on to their descendants.  This creates a burden for those of us who follow, which can be difficult to heal in ourselves because it does not belong to us. This intensive workshop addresses:

  • How to release the energetic burden of our ancestors and heal ourselves from its effects, enabling us to put our full energy into living our own truth and authentic life path
  • Exploring the healing this may bring to our ancestors, relatives, and future generations
  • How these spiritual practices relate to current understanding of epigenetics and family patterns
  • Understanding how these same concepts directly apply to historical wounding on the societal level, impacting both cultural and individual sickness, and how shamanic practice and ceremony can help all of us move forward
  • Separating historical trauma, personal trauma held or reawakened from our own past, and current trauma through present-day attachments or situations we are experiencing in the moment – and approaches to healing each of these in ourselves

Two-Year Apprenticeship Program in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing – Offered as 8 weekend sessions over 2 years. Admission to this program is by application.

An in-depth, initiatory program for advanced students wanting to take their shamanic practice as far as they can over the 2-year time-frame. It is designed to provide a strong base of knowledge and experience in shamanic practices and ways of being. You will learn a wide array of effective and ethical tools you can use in your own work or on behalf of others and our planet. You will find your unique pathway for deep connection with your personal spirit helpers and the unseen world beyond.

The program meets quarterly for a total of eight weekend sessions, with homework and suggested practices in between. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the program.

Contact: mhulburt@gmail.com